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End of 12 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 12!

So it’s the end of my 12 Day Blogger Challenge and it’s been really nice to write about topics that I don’t normally write about, like my favourite things and even makeup which I know nothing about!
Just by answering a few questions each day you already know more about me, but not only that, it’s given me a break from what I would typically write on here. I’ve had the time to think up new ideas and I certainly can’t wait for the New Year to bring some of these ideas to life!
This is more of a catch up. I started a proper diet again a few weeks ago. Less carbs, less bad fats and plenty more fruit and vegetables. Despite not losing huge amounts of weight, I feel better in myself and that counts for more right now because if I’m eating better now then it will make it a lot easier for me to cut out more bad food in January.

It’s the small steps that lead to big changes!

3 Things I’m Loving:

Day 11: Three things I’m Loving

1. My Job
I really feel like one of the luckiest people that I have a job I love. I’ve worked with some really great people and it hasn’t even been 2 months since I started. I’ve got a good deal here!

2. Christmas
This build up to Christmas is great and so exciting. Taking part in doing up my work place for the Christmas season has really lifted that Christmas feeling.


The fourth One Direction album (sorry, really not sorry), I wonder how long it took to come up with that name!

P… is for Present

I’ve mentioned many times before that I think it’s important to live in the present moment. And as I’ve also mentioned before, there are some circumstances where I have to think about the future and take it into account when making decisions.
However, for the short term, it’s all about right now. There’s no point in worrying about what is going to happen in a year or even 10 years because whatever is meant to be will be.

As my mum told me “It will all be alright in the end, and if it’s not alright then it’s not the end”. And she is so right (see mum!), everything will eventually work out. Even if things are tough right now, it will all figure itself out soon enough.

A Day in the Life of Me!

Day 10: A Day in the Life

My typical day starts really early at the moment, most likely at half 4 to 5. It’s completely crazy but I don’t mind all that much… I get to do things I love the most when I get into work at 6am and still get to do customer service when the store opens, it’s the best of both worlds!
So typically (my ideal scenario too…) I would be ready and at work at 6am, and I would start my shift by tweaking the windows or displays around the shop to make sure that it is up to date. Over the Christmas period this happens nearly every shift as some stuff sells out or we have a lot of certain products.
Other things I may do is replen of stock, moving stock to different positions around the shop or helping out with admin. The first 3 hours goes so quickly and before we know it, the shop is being opened!
Then it’s purely customer service and selling to the customer, it’s pretty great to be honest. It’s made even better by working with an awesome team! Time flies when you’re having fun right? Because this is completely the case for me, an hour can go by in what feels like a matter of minutes.
So 8 hours later, I go home completely exhausted, catch up on TV, eat dinner and then it’s a super early night for me ready for the next day.

Sure it doesn’t sound like the most exciting day but I wouldn’t want it any other way and I definitely wouldn’t want to be sat in an office all day.

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