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Filofax Organisation

For me this year (or in October to be exact), I managed to bag myself an absolute bargain of a new diary insert for my Filofax. It’s the first year I didn’t get a Filofax brand insert.

This one is by Paperchase and it came with the nicest dividers as well as note paper and address paper too. I think this was around the £8 mark so it was an absolute steal for me.

First of all I have my diary insert. I mainly use this to keep track of my work hours and any personal appointments. This way when I look back, I know what I did and when!

This is mainly of family! They’ve got to be kept somewhere and this seems the most fitting place.

This is quite an important section for me. It keeps all the little things I need to remember. I write down ideas, blog posts and all things important.

Planner Supplies:
This has a whole section of it’s own. I have a pile of to-do list inserts in there to keep track of the million and one things I need to do. I also have the insert of page markers and post its. This isn’t the original post its on here as I used them all up. So I kept the dashboard and put new markers to colour code my work days by when I’m getting paid so it’s easier for me to work out. Then I use the post its to note down anything important about that week.

I like to be crazy organised and I like to be able to refer to what I’ve done recently. Some may think it’s a bit much but if I don’t then I feel a bit lost!

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Z is for…Zoo

I’m just going to start by saying how much I love going to the zoo. I’ve never been one for animals but ever since we got dogs I’ve been a lot more open to the idea of them! We went to New York Zoo a while back which was great, they had baby snow leopards that had just been born which was really cute! 
Longleat Safari Park has to be my favourite hands down though. We did the safari in my car and I was a little bit concerned that the monkeys would attack my car but fortunately they didn’t! 
Giraffe Selfie anyone?
I’ve been to a few others recently but this year I’d quite like to go to ZSL London Zoo and also London Aquarium!

Desk Staples

I technically don’t have a desk, more of a window sill and a drawer that I keep extra bits in that I don’t use as much. So I’m imagining if I really had a desk (fyi it would be white with some drawers…!).

Weekly planner – so I can see what I’m doing that day or week
Notebook – a pretty one, typically A5 sized
Pen pot – with a whole load of pens of all colours, my writing needs to be pretty!
Ringbinder folder – also in a pretty design holding my editorial calendar and blogging goals
Jar of washi tape – I have so many that it seemed better to keep them all in a jar and it’s much prettier that way
Scrapbook – I’d like to have room for my scrapbook so that I can look at it when I want and also add to it all the time

That’s what I would have as my desk staples, if I had a desk obviously.

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Bit Spicy South East Asian Indonesian Korma

When I visited the Good Food Show last November I picked up one of these spice kits from Bit Spicy to make an Indonesian Korma. My Mum and I tested basically every sample they had and bought a selection for my Dad but I wanted one for myself and I love a good korma.

It’s relatively easy to make but it does take some time. I’m not going to go through the whole method with you but you would need approximately 2 hours to make it and you cook the chicken separately then add it to the sauce. 

The flavour of this korma is like no korma I’ve had before! It’s not mild at all and has a very good kick of spice to it and it has a more yellow colour than your normal curry. I had mine with chicken but it also suggests prawns which I would love to try! 

As I was browsing their website I noticed they do spices for other foods as well, not just curry so I’m keen to try their Mexican range, we all love some good fajitas now don’t we!

I’m going to the Good Food Eat Well Show in a few weeks so hopefully they will be there again so I can pick up a few more spice packs!

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