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Top 10 Tips for Contacting Companies

top tips companies

Tonight I am hosting #lbloggers chat with the topic revolving around PR and Contacting Brands and Companies. I feel like this is a suitable topic, I haven’t seen a chat like this before and I definitely feel like I know enough to share a bit of knowledge with you.

I’ve contacted my fair share of companies for a number of reasons, sometimes I feel like I’m doing a blog post that needs a bit of back up using a product such as this festival post or I’m dying to try a new product like these Sebamed skincare products.

Either way, I’ve made up a fair few contacts that I know I can regularly work with.

  1. Personalise the email to the brand, they can see right through a generic email and you won’t get a reply.
  2. Include a bit about your blog, a link so they can see where you write.
  3. Act professional but also let your personality shine through.
  4. Add an ending such as “I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have” as they may reply with some questions for you!
  5. Keep note of which companies you have contacted so you don’t email them twice, that’s just too desperate!
  6. Don’t contact them for the sake of it, especially if it doesn’t fit with your blog, they won’t want to work with you either.
  7. Show passion and enthusiasm, it will go a long way.
  8. It’s almost like a job application so treat it like one. Sell yourself and sell the reasons why they should work with you.
  9. It is not about the free stuff, it is about the brand and creating good working relationships, you never know where it could lead to in the future.
  10. It should never be a half hearted job or you will never get anywhere.

sample email adele's journey


Please note: this is not the exact email I would send to a company, just a sample of parts I would include.

This isn’t even half of the hard work. You’ve still got to write the blog post about the brand and the product afterwards. And then keep contact after hitting publish. I’ll save all of that for another day.


Feeling Unmotivated

This is certainly not a boohoo feel sorry for me and woe is me blog post but I have been feeling seriously unmotivated recently. I don’t want to do anything or even get out of bed and if I do it’s to get food. How awful is that? Just to get out of bed for food.

This post was brought on by a number of things; another blog post I read, my sister being worried about my health and the fact that when I was sorting my clothes out at home, I can’t keep any of them from last summer as I’ve gone up 2 clothes sizes in a year. Yeah now I’m worried.


I used to look like this 4 years ago, and I also still have this dress. It’s too pretty to get rid of. Just gunna go cry now.

I honestly need to get a grip and pull myself together. I know everyone says “Oh I’ll have a Netflix day” I do this whenever I’m not working. If I’m home then I’m in bed and Netflix is on. This is certainly not a way to live my life. Seriously how am I living like this? (although Once Upon A Time is so good and you should start watching it right now, like leave my blog and come back to it later, it is THAT good).


I recently read Emma from Essays and Wine Post about her weight and how she is dealing with that. I sat there crying for a good hour because I knew exactly how she felt. I could have a seriously great day but I could easily come home and eat a bag or two of crisps, sharing ones that is. It’s disgusting.


This was only last year. A year ago or so, that’s a seriously drastic change in 3 years.

My biggest fears? I won’t get married or have children. This is all I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember and I know guys automatically friend zone me because of the way I look.

The biggest fear of all though, has to be the one that I’m going to end up killing myself because of all the awful food I put in my body. So why can’t I stop?

I am basically destroying my insides and I can’t stop. If you have the answer I will love you forever. Someone save me from this madness.

My sister has actually text me a number of times in the past few weeks practically begging me to try and get motivated because she’s worried about what I’m putting into my body. This in itself has hit a nerve and has really made me think that I’m ruining my life by it.

What’s worse is that this is actually the only part of my life I wish to change. I’m amazingly happy with my blog, I’m planning my trip of a lifetime, I’m going to be back with my family soon and I have people I can turn to when I need to. I also have a whole load of plans to go places and events to attend. In these aspects, I am in the best place I have ever been and for that I am unbelievably grateful. I know that opportunities are going so come knocking soon so I will be staying patient.

Does anyone have any tips for me to get back to healthy eating and exercising? Help me get motivated again please!


May Beauty Face Masks

About a month ago I was contacted by a company called May Beauty* and kindly asked to review some of their face masks. As you are all aware I am on a serious mission to improve my skin and after a bit of research I was willing to try these face masks.

may beauty face mask

The incredible face mask works by removing dead skin cells and particles that clog pores in your skin, this in turn prevents acne and blackheads. I’ve got your attention now I see.

Literally I don’t think I’ve used a face mask so effective. You know when you’re younger and you choose the face mask with the prettiest packaging or that fun one that heats up when you put it on? They are the biggest load of rubbish compared to this one and the “incredible face mask” is certainly a fitting name.

My skin has never felt better, it felt smooth and clean and those blackheads? They’re reducing even more!

The sachets are very small compared to the ones you get in drug stores but there is plenty enough in there and I only have a small face! It is very thick and black, slightly alarming at first but also kind of fun to have thick black “mud” on your face! You keep the mask on for 30 – 45 minutes until it has dried and then peel it off.

may beauty face mask

I must say that when I used the face mask for the first time it was very sore peeling it off and I went quite red after. But there is a warning that comes with it and says that this was to be expected so I wasn’t alarmed at all. By the second time I used it, it hurt a little peeling it off as it’s pretty stuck on to your face but it wasn’t red or sore after which I was pleased about as I would probably have been put off using it again!

I don’t know about anyone else but how tempting is it to start peeling off face masks as they’re drying? I don’t like how much it restricts my face!

may beauty face mask

I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin using these face masks and I’m going to be so disappointed when they run out.

I also got a very informative little booklet called “The Incredible Skin Guide” which includes information about how acne and blackheads are formed and also about the good and the bad foods. Most of it I already knew but it was interesting to see how acne and blackheads are formed even if the diagrams were a little too detailed and made me feel nauseous that my skin was like that. (It’s in my genes thought so it can only be helped to a certain extent).

I can’t recommend these enough and I rarely say this about beauty products as I don’t get along with that many so it’s a miracle when something works.

If you fancy trying these for yourself you can get 30% off of any of the packages using adelefacemask30 and going to this link. You know you want to!

*I was sent this product for review purposes and as always my views are my own.


Top 10 Reasons To Go To A Blogger Meet

I know I’ve mentioned before all the lovely people I’ve met through blogging and they are people I definitely consider friends now. I wouldn’t have met these people unless it was for going to blogger meets. I’ve only been to 2 #MyChocBloggers and #ShropshireBloggerMeet but I met 2 completely different sets of people and had 2 experiences. I also have 3 more lined up in the coming months!


Twitter chats are also a great way to start talking to people, I talked to all these people first on twitter before meeting them which definitely helps.

Here are my top 10 reasons:

  1. You get to meet some wonderful people
  2. They have all of the same interests as you
  3. You get an experience you’ve probably never had before
  4. You get so much inspiration and motivation for your blog and life
  5. Everyone has different stories which are amazing to hear
  6. You could end up making some really great friends
  7. You learn about things you probably wouldn’t have otherwise
  8. You’re made aware of brands and could end up finding some of your most perfect products
  9. You get a huge burst of confidence knowing that you’ve done something totally out of your comfort zone
  10. Everyone is in the same boat as you

It is a very daunting concept if you haven’t been to a blogger meet up before but if you can find a little bit of confidence to go then you’re half way there. Everyone is incredibly nice and you can chat to people on twitter first so you know a few friendly faces when you get there.

shropshire blogger meet

It’s definitely worth finding out about events in your are so try and find the twitter accounts that are designates or search up a few hashtags to see what you can find.

Some that I would definitely recommend following are:

@LDNmeetup – some incredible events by some lovely girls

@bloggerslvehub – they have twitter parties meaning everyone can join in and some great gifting options on their website here

These are definitely my 2 go to twitter accounts when I want to find out whats going on!

Have you considered going to an event but been too nervous? How great are the events you’ve been to?


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