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Lush Oxford Street Mini Haul

The Thursday before I went to Centerparcs, which was actually a month ago now CRAZY, I headed into Central London to meet Kirsty and the first place we headed was to Lush on Oxford Street. If you haven’t been to this store yet, you’re missing out, admittedly it’s a lot smaller than I expected but it is 3 floors which is still HUGE. The bottom floor dedicated to their spa and fragrances. The ground floor dedicated to soaps, shower gels, makeup and face products. The top floor is hope to all the bath bombs, bubble bars and your gifting section.

I haven’t ever experienced anything like this before. There are SO many products and way too many to choose from. I already knew exactly what I wanted but I was still tempted by a couple more. I work in retail and I always think it is important to deliver great customer service. I have never been anywhere were I feel I have received such amazing customer service but when I went into Lush I felt it was incredible! The girls were so helpful and so enthusiastic about the products which was refreshing and it definitely helped me to decide which products to get.

Lush Oxford St Exclusive

I chose 4 all together and I so wish I had gotten more now! I got The Experimenter, Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar, Frozen and Intergalactic. The Intergalactic is actually a present I gave to my Dad but it had beautiful colours and I can imagine it was very relaxing.

Lush Oxford St Exclusive

The Experimenter is one you have probably seen before, it’s the hexagonal shaped bath bomb exclusive to Oxford Street which has four different quadrants in pink, blue, yellow and white with a thin line of purple through the middle. It even has popping candy in it! I cannot wait to see the beautiful and bright colours that it turns the water! It smells incredible as well with strong tones of vanilla which is such a comforting scent. This is one that I will be saving for a rainy ay so I can enjoy a relaxing bath.

Lush Oxford St Exclusive

I am absolutely obsessed with Frozen, I think I’ve watched it over a hundred times as it’s 1 of 3 movies on my laptop. So the minute I saw that Lush had released a Frozen bath bomb I knew I absolutely needed it, the need was so unreal!! It was the first one I picked up and with the grapefruit, neroli and rose oils it smells absolutely incredible. I love fruity smells, I find it really refreshing so it was even more perfect for me.

Lush Oxford St Exclusive

The third product that I got for myself was the flamingo bubble bar. It’s pink and makes bubbles, where can I go wrong? If you haven’t seen already, I have a bit of a thing for flamingos and pink, my bedding is bring pink with white flamingos and I cannot wait for payday so I can get some more flamingo themed homeware! Anyway, the Pink Flamingo has rosewood oil, bergamot oil and Ylang Ylang oil plus their fair trade organic cocoa butter in it, so I can only imagine how good it is on the skin.

I haven’t used any of them yet as I do this thing where I save all my things for ages till I use them. Not for any reason in particular, just I’m not in any hurry to use them so I savour them a little longer. On the plus side, my room smells Lush.

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All Change Please

look back

Right now, I’m packing up my house in South London ready to move back to the South Coast. To say I’m gutted has to be an understatement. I’ve been here 4 years now and while I’m going on to better places and I’m about to start a new adventure, there are some amazing people I am so sad to leave.

I had a rollercoaster of a ride during my 3 years at Uni, and since I failed my exams a few too many times, I couldn’t go back to finish my course. It was the right thing to do, but I felt like it was right to stay where I was. So I did. Unfortunately it is crazy expensive to live around here, and I can’t possibly justify staying here any more.

People have told me that they understand how I feel or that I can go back to see them again. Sure I will be back, I know I will, I can’t leave a place I love and not go back. But I don’t think anyone can understand what it was like being part of such a great team at work. We would have moments where we would hate it but more often than not, we would love it. For the first time in my life, I felt happy and I felt like I fitted in. I made friends who I had to see on a daily basis, it was great. Of course I’ll find another team that I love working with but until I start my new job I will probably doubt this.

I’m going to miss them and I’m going to miss this place. But I also hope I can afford to come back one day. At the end of it all, I have to do what’s right for me and ultimately, this is it. People I thought I could never prove myself to, are well and truly happy for me, proud of me as a matter of fact. If I could take them all with me, I probably would!

10 months ago, when I accepted the job, I was a state, I had had a rough summer of it, I wasn’t going back to University and I had no idea where my life was going or even where I wanted it to go. I have become a much better person, calmer and a passion for what I do, something I never knew I had in me. For me, this is a personal achievement. There are a small handful of people that I could not have done this with, without their encouragement and pure believing in me.

From each and every person of that team, I have learnt something which I will take with me to my new job and to my future. I have learnt about passion, determination, strength, to let my personality shine through, kindness, confidence, and everything else. All of which I had in me to begin with, I just had to let these come through, and they have and I’m so happy.

So I guess I have to look at it like that, these people have taught me things and helped me be who I truly am and if I can do this in my new job as Supervisor, then I will have achieved something. I want to go back one day and remember how great these people are and I know I will.

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Summer Garden Parties with Talking Tables

It’s that time of the year again when we all want to be outside, with friends or family, enjoying the wonderful weather (on the most part, come on England!) and having BBQs and picnics. Sounds perfect right?

Well, with Talking Tables* it can be that perfect! They so kindly sent me some of their products from their Truly Alice and Truly Scrumptious ranges, and I am absolutely in love! I want to have parties everyday just so that I can use all of these amazing products.

I want to play afternoon tea parties like a little girl with all of this lovely stuff. I’m thinking mini cut out sandwiches, scones, mini cupcakes, macarons and the best tea in town (green tea, obvs). You’re all invited!

Talking Tables

What I love the most about some of these items is that I can reuse them for more parties or even for decoration. The bunting and the Truly Alice signs can be used time and time again. I think it can be quite difficult to find party decorations that are affordable and also classy at the same time. Not all cheap decorations are tasteful, sure they are fun but they aren’t very pretty and are made from thin materials that break if you touch them. However, with Talking Tables you get what you pay for definitely, everything except the plates and cups can be reused. I’ll stop going on and share some pretty photos of what I’ll be using to host some amazing summer parties.

Conveniently, my sisters 18th is in a couple of months time so we will be getting out these decorations to lay on the finest spread, Alice in Wonderland themed of course. I am in love with these gorgeous little Drink Me bottles that would be perfect for mini cocktails and I also love these tags which can be used as table decorations, place tags or a little invitation. It makes the dream of a Mad Hatters tea party come true.

Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables

I, for one, cannot wait until they release their Christmas ranges! I can only imagine how incredible they would be and I will definitely be the first one buying this range and planning a Christmas party.

So whose coming over for a garden tea party?

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*I was sent this product for review purposes and as always my views are my own.

Drinking Tea with TeaShed and Cocktails with Popaballs

As one of the brands getting involved with our first Pretty Lovely Bloggers Event, it was only right for me to make sure that their products were suitable for the 50 bloggers we have attending right 😉

The TeaShed

I had never had Earl Grey tea before but since the other tea was Green Tea (and I have boxes of the stuff everywhere!), I thought I would try something new and go for the Earl Grey. Needless to say I was not disappointed. As tea comes, it cam be pretty basic, paper tea bags that break if you tear them apart too hard and the taste of cheaper tea bags can be practically non existent. This is not the case with TeaShed* tea. They use silky pyramid tea bags with 20 in the bag. They come in a reusable paper cup (no waste on packaging eh?!) and are funnily named Mr Grey’s Tea. I love all the names of their teas, they are witty and make you giggle a little bit, we all appreciate a good pun at the end of the day.

The TeaShed

I honestly thought I wouldn’t enjoy the Earl Grey tea at all, but I was so wrong. I prefer my tea quite strong anyway so I really enjoyed this. I haven’t quite mastered how I like it made yet and I will definitely have to order more soon as I am on the last few tea bags! It has the taste of strong tea with a hint of orange in it, it definitely isn’t for everyone and as British people we are accustomed to our standard Breakfast Tea, but I can’t urge you enough to try Earl Grey. If you love strong Breakfast Tea then you will love Earl Grey!

The other product I had the pleasure of trying was the Blueberry Popaballs. I had seen so many pictures on their Twitter and Instagram pages of people using their Popaballs in cocktails and prosecco and I absolutely had to try some like this! I didn’t have any prosecco in but I did have a frozen cocktail in so I grabbed this and put so Popaballs on top. It was so good! I can only imagine how goo they would taste with prosecco.


I thought I would come up with some other ideas that weren’t necessarily alcohol based but the list for those is endless. I think these are great just to pop in some water with a drop of juice and mix up to flavours and also with some lemonade (and a cheeky splash of vodka).


The next thing I’ll be ordering from Popaballs is one of their Bubble Tea Kits, on The Tea Shed website they have a Bubble Tea Subscription box but before I sign up to that I want to make sure that I actually like the bubble tea. So I’ll be ordering one of these with Mango flavoured powder and Peach Popaballs. I’ve got a love for mango and peach at the moment so I think this combination will be perfect. However, the combination possibilities are endless so you can choose something that you would love!

What do you think of Earl Grey tea? What would you put with Popaballs to make your perfect drink?

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