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Bloggers Festival

I had been umming and ahhing about attending the Bloggers Festival by Scarlett London for some time but a few weeks or so before the event I thought I would find out if there were any space available. To my delight there were!


Fortunately for this event I didn’t have to leave at 6am so even though I should have been able to have a little lie in, I still woke up early from excitement.


I hadn’t entirely decided what to wear as even though I’ve lost quite a lot of weight, I still wasn’t entirely comfortable in a lot of my clothes. In the end I went for a pink dress with a little navy cardigan. Clothes that were once too small for me but now fit!

Before the event, I met Kirsty and we popped in to Tiger to get some bits for our own event in a couple of weeks time plus I miss that place! It’s so good for little bits you might need. Sadly they didn’t have what we needed, gutted!

We then headed over to St. James’ Park to the hotel where the event was taking place. The room was well laid out with brands around the outside of the room, and in the centre was an area for us tired bloggers to sit down and relax.


I met some great brands including Jewellery Box, Lego, Small Man Media, Exuviance and Grace who do some amazing Caribbean foods. I also loved talking to Mode Media who had some incredible ideas and clearly love working with bloggers!

#BloggersFestival #BloggersFestival

I also loved getting this cute glitter tattoo from Glimmer Tattoos. It’s totally acceptable to have these all the time right?


I cam away with so many treats and goodies that I absolutely cannot wait to try and share with you all.


I’m also pretty sure my family love it when I come back from these events with so much stuff that they can try too!

A huge thank you to Scarlett and everyone who helped her put on such a great afternoon.

I slept like a baby that night after such an exhausting day!


Day Zero Challenge Update #3

Day Zero Challenge

It’s been a few months since my last Day Zero Challenge Update, so I thought I would share the ones I have managed to check off since my last update, admittedly not as many as I thought I would have but I’ve got a few ideas to get the next ones going! So hopefully there will be an update sooner rather than later!

  • Go to a Concert
  • Sort out my emails
  • Get myself a good workout regime
  • Go to a Festival (Camp Bestival 2015 & BST Taylor Swift)
  • Get promoted to key holder
  • Get promoted to supervisor
  • Have a picnic in the park

I love checking all these off my list and seeing how far I’ve come!


Stationary Haul #1

This is more of a mini stationary haul but even though there are only a few things they are just too cute/amazing/incredible to not share.

There is an incredible shop called Paper Source in America which I knew I had to go to as they don’t ship to England.

Firstly I picked up this 17-month Date Book which has the black hardback cover with dots. It was $29.95 which works out around £20 which I thought was good value. Inside there is a monthly view until the end of next year, and after that a weekly view with a notes section too and there are notes pages at the back. It’s almost too perfect to write in but I’m a bit in love with their planner!

Gold and Black Diary Gold and Black Diary

I’ve been searching for emoji stickers for AGES. So when I found these I was so excited! I had to have them! Ready to use in my new planner!

Emoji Stickers

I also got this pretty pencil case/pouch which is a lovely canvas material dipped in fold and matches my planner perfectly!

Gold Pencil Case

Not entirely stationary related but it was from Paper Source still and too cute not to share! These confetti dot cellophane bags are great for putting small presents in with a bit of ribbon around. I couldn’t resist.

Cellophane Bags

A while back (and I think the deal is still on) everyone went crazy over the pack of 28 Sharpies for £7 so I had to get some and I’ve got this cute tin to store them in!


What are you favourite stationary buys recently?


New York, New York

Tuesday was my sisters 18th Birthday, and me and my other sister headed out to New York to meet up with the rest of the family.

The original plan was to surprise my brother and sister on her birthday but this was too much of a big secret to keep so they found out a couple of days before, damn it!

It was so exciting arriving in New York, it took so long to get through the security which was frustrating when all you want to do is go see your family. So nearly 2 hours after we landed, we got to the apartment which just screamed New York at you!

New York

We were in a quieter part of the city which was quite nice when you wanted to go for a little walk in the morning.

The day we arrived was my sisters birthday so after showering her in presents (and you can see what we got her here), we headed out to go bowling. Possibly the most American bowling alley I will ever see with a huge I heart NY on the wall.

New York

I lost to the most competitive people around but it’s ok because this conveniently name Life’s A Peach cocktail made everything better.

New York

We then had the most amazing dinner at a restaurant called Hakkasan. If you’ve ever been to Ping Pong in London it is very similar to that but a million times better!

We had so much food, sharing dim sum plates, crispy aromatic duck like you’ve never tried it before and a whole range of main meals. It was absolutely delicious but what with it being the early hours of the morning back home, we were beyond exhausted and needed to go to sleep straight away! I could barely keep my eyes open by this point!

New York

The next day we went down to the 9/11 museum which is something I was desperate to do and while I am so glad I did, it was so hard to walk around and see what actually happened. There is one part where it takes you through what happened on the day by the minute. There were recordings of calls made by people in the buildings and on the plane and while it felt so horrible to listen to, it definitely gives you a better understanding of what happened that day and the years after. I thought it was quite amazing how all the emergency services pulled together within seconds of it all happening and did absolutely everything they could to save as many people as possible.

New York New York

It took us over an hour to go through this one part of the museum by which point we were starving so headed to this cute little cafe and I had this delicious salad. It was just too good, I could eat it all over again.

New York

New York

We did a bit of shopping and I found the most amazing stationary shop in the entire world so naturally I bought half of it.

That evening we went for dinner at Tavern on the Green which was an adorable restaurant but unfortunately the service wasn’t that great but the food was pretty good! The lights were absolutely amazing, and so pretty when it got dark!

New York

On the second and last full day that I was there, we had a very late start and walked up towards Central Park, doing a bit of shopping along the way. I bought my first ever MAC lipstick in Peach Blossom which I love.

We went into Whole Foods and got an absolute feast for a picnic and took it to Central Park to eat. Whole Foods is literally something else, there is so much to choose from and we didn’t even look around all of it! There are huge salad bars, fresh bread, sushi, huge fruit platters, literally all of the healthiest food you will ever see.

New York

New York

After, we walked back to our apartment along 5th Avenue as it was so much prettier than the other avenues.

Thursday nights dinner was at Lupa, an amazing Italian restaurant where we had the past tasting menu. So much pasta, I’m ridiculously fussy but I did enjoy some of the dishes and I certainly enjoyed their cocktail menu!

Friday morning also meant a bit of shopping on 34th Street followed by lunch back at the cafe round the corner with this INCREDIBLE avocado on toast!

New York

The trip was definitely over too quick which was a shame. I cannot wait to go back!!

New York

Goodbye New York


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