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Mini Lush Haul #2


It’s been a month since I left my job (:() but obviously moving was for the good of my health and career and basically life!

Lush HaulAnyway, when I left, an Australian girl called Laura gave me 3 of her favourite Lush products when I left. Something so simple but one of the most sweetest gifts ever, and hello, Lush products!

She got me the Butterball bath bomb, You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt and Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar.

I’ve had none of these products before so it was really great to try something new!

Lush Haul

I’d been dying to try a bath melt for a few months since Laura mentioned them and since I love mango, to me this smells absolutely divine. Just from the feel of it, you can tell You’ve Been Mangoed is going to be amazing when melted in the bath. It is so smooth and has cocoa butter in it so it is also amazing on the skin.

Lush Haul

Butterball bath bomb isn’t one I have seen before but I feel like it is a hidden gem amongst the hundreds of other products you can get. While this doesn’t create much in the water unlike something like Intergalactic (!), it leaves the skin feeling baby soft and you feel great for ages after.

Lush Haul

The Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar is a product that I haven’t actually considered getting before. But man I wish I had, you smell absolutely incredible, just like strawberries, unsurprisingly it has real crushed strawberries in it! Again, because it has cocoa butter in it, your skin is all soft and smooth. My only negative comment is that is is one that can’t be left in the shower or under running water as it just completely disappears. I prefer to savour my Lush products as I can’t get them so easily so I was a little bit miffed when this one almost disappeared on me.

Obviously, I was completely chuffed when Laura gave me this gift, while it may seem “just Lush products”, it’s a topic we would talk about and recommend products to each other and I told her she had to go to the Oxford Street store!!


The Birthday Gift Guide

abirthdaygiftguideYesterday, my sister turned 18! Obviously this is a big birthday so I thought I would share what I got her and also a few other bits I would give to friends & family as gifts.

  • Prairie Charms Custom Made Pieces

prairie charms prairie charms

The lovely ladies at Prairie Charms were the first people I went to when I started gathering my sisters presents. They were so helpful! I told them my sisters favourite colours and her style and they came up with 4 lovely pieces.

black tied bangle

These fantastic bangles can be personalised in so many ways. In any lettering, a large selection of symbols and at any place on the bangle too. My sister loved this piece!

  • Throwback to the 90s

90s party bag

I was in Tesco’s a few weeks ago in search of some smaller bits to put with her presents and found all these party bag gifts. I replicated a party bag from the 90s with all this useless, but slightly amusing, junk.

  • Throwback to the 00s

00s Party Bag

To add to the party bag pieces, I got all these chew bars and other sweets which I’m sure were in all the party bags 10 years ago. This also took the total to 18 presents!

Is it just me who absolutely loves wrapping up presents? Making them all pretty with matching paper and ribbon. This wrapping paper from is completely personalised. You can upload up to 30 photos from your laptop, Instagram or Facebook. You can then choose the type of borders you want and the arrangement of the photos. I am so impressed with the outcome of the wrapping paper, the quality and also the service.

toad diaries

Like everything else, notebooks are great presents! I thought my sister would love a Toad Diaries notebook and you can see my previous thoughts on them here. Even though there are plenty of patterned covers, I chose this blue with white stars which is so pretty! “Welcome to New York” also seemed perfect, she loves Taylor Swift and my other sister and I went out to surprise her in New York so it seemed only right.

  • SWIG Hip Flasks*

SWIG Hip Flask

A fantastic idea with these hip flasks. I chose the Union Jack case and classic silver hip flask and I love the look and quality of it! It’s as classy as a hip flask can get! It is totally an ideal present for anyone, over the age of 18 of course! Plus you can engrave the flask and get different cases too.


I personally love Birthdays and Christmas as I love buying presents for other people and wrapping them up all pretty. Then seeing their faces as they wreck my lovely wrapping and see the gifts I got them. It’s the small pleasures in life!

What is the best birthday gift you have bought for someone?

*This was kindly gifted to me, and as always all thoughts are my own.


15 Motivating Things When You Feel Like Giving Up


Last week my laptop broke, all by accident, but when you’re already feeling overwhelmed and like you aren’t doing good enough already, plus your main hobby basically replies on technology, I got in to bed and slept through till morning. The mature and grown up thing to do obviously.

However, with a fresh view on things after 10 hours sleep, despite still being devastated and begging my sister to borrow her laptop, here is what I did when I felt like giving up:

  1. Have a shower with all your favourite products, at least you’re clean and smell good
  2. Get up and get on with your day as you normally would
  3. Eat a good breakfast, homemade smoothies please
  4. Focus on the more important things in life and appreciate what you actually do have
  5. Distract yourself as much as possible
  6. Go old school and write everything by hand, ready to schedule
  7. Get out of the house
  8. Go for a run
  9. Meet up with friends
  10. Do some baking, GBBO style
  11. Put on an Afternoon Tea for your Nan
  12. Watch a bit of TV so you don’t get withdrawal symptoms from Netflix
  13. Go sit in a coffee shop and people watch, because there’s nothing better than that
  14. Get crafty with scrapbooking and saving those memories for when technology fails you
  15. Then buy a new laptop because what is life without blogging and Netflix?


15 Thoughts While Watching PLL


So I’m pretty sure everyone in the entire world knows about the mystery that is A and who on earth is this person? Well, we came Fa(ce) to Fa(ce) with A last week and I don’t know about anyone else but I was sat on the edge of my seat the entire time.

  2. Who is A? Finally, I’m finding out.
  3. OMG THAT is A
  4. Suddenly my life makes sense
  5. But seriously, 6 seasons of waiting for that?
  6. And now we have to wait till NEXT YEAR for the time jump?
  7. I must stop watching and do something productive
  8. But I can’t take my eyes off the screen
  9. How are they going to carry on for two more seasons now we know who A is?
  10. I can finally live at peace now the truth has been told
  11. The need to go back and rewatch all the seasons for clues is so real
  12. Rewind Charles is now Charlotte? So clever!
  13. Oh, oh, that is how they are going to carry on for two more seasons!
  14. NO. please don’t end 🙁
  15. I’m now going to think of a million and one scenarios for the next part of the season

Was it worth waiting this long? Probably not.

Have I already started from the beginning? Most definitely.

Am I annoyed how they left it on a cliff hanger like that? One hundred percent.


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