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Beauty Blogger Box September Edition

It’s time for the second edition of the Blogger Beauty Box by the wonderful Vicky. I was so surprised when this arrived through the post but also so excited for it to arrive!

Blogger Beauty Box

The first product which caught my attention was the Yes To…Facial Wipes. The travel pack is so ideal for winter weekends away and they smell just like blueberries, I love them.

Blogger Beauty Box

Makeup Revolution has got to be one of the most talked about makeup brands in the beauty blogger world. I have one of their eyeshadow palettes which I absolutely love. I like the feel of this lipstick and that it is slightly creamy. I love the colour but I would have to be in a daring mood to wear it!

Blogger Beauty Box

I met the lovely people behind Yours Truly Organic at the Bloggers Festival in London and I’m excited to try this serum. I love what they stand for already and I have a good feeling about this repairing serum!

Blogger Beauty Box

This lipgloss from Beautiful Movements Cosmetics in Gypsy Spirit is a beautiful colour. It’s a very matte lipgloss or at least as matte as a lipgloss can be. I didn’t think this colour would suit me but I really like the deep peach colour.

Blogger Beauty Box

The last item this month is a hand cream from Sniffy Wiffy. I absolutely love what they stand for. In their words “the first company to bring the fight against breast and testicular cancer into bathrooms everywhere.” With all their products, there is the option to have it with or without a label. This label explains how to do a self-examination. A genius idea if you ask me. I got a cherry scented hand cream, it smells amazing and my hands feel so soft.

Blogger Beauty Box

Yet another great beauty blogger box, I cannot wait to see what next month brings!


August Degustabox

For some reason this month went much slower but I finally got my August Degustabox* and as ever I loved it!

August Degustabox

Dr Oetker Mug Cakes – £1.37 each

August Degustabox

Obviously not part of my diet so these will be saved for a very rainy day. However, I saw these in the shops a couple of months back but I never got round to trying them. They come in 3 flavours – rich chocolate, chocolate chip and lemon. All you do is add milk and pop them in the microwave for two minutes. I cannot wait to try these! Mug cakes made easy!

LifeTonics – £1.49


I’ve been working very closely with the amazing people behind LifeTonics recently and I can already tell you that these bottle of flavoured coconut water are delicious! They are a great addition to smoothies as long as you use the complementary flavours! With natural fruit extracts, 5 vitamins and 4 minerals, you are drinking so many good things!

Scheckter’s – £1.45

This is an energy drink which is 100% natural and organic. I’m not a fan of energy drinks but if you are then this is definitely one to try!

Williamson Tea

I love everything that Williamson Tea stands for, this Ginger Tea is delicious, you have to make sure that you leave the tea bag in for the right amount of time, and not too long or the taste isn’t quite right!

Ryvita – £2.88 each

August Degustabox

I am actually a big fan of Ryvita, I know some people think it is bland but with flavours like black pepper and sesame seed, topped with something delicious, they are a great healthy snack!

Bahlsen – £3.48

August Degustabox

While these look so tempting! And you literally cannot beat chocolate and biscuits, I really had to resist from these! I have been told by my family, my brother mainly, that they were really good! This was also evident from the empty packet when I got home from work!

Barilla – Pasta & Sauce – £1.50 & £2

August Degustabox

I must say these look delicious and also tasted great together! When I found them both in the box, I knew they had to be eaten together. The Penne Rigate are inspired by the shape of an old styled pen and have great ability to hold the sauce. Arrabiata sauce is one of my favourites and is an incredible blend of spicy chillies and Italian tomatoes.

Walkers – £2

August Degustabox

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t tried their shortbread! It reminds me of train journeys to London when I was younger and I can vouch they are the best around (after my Nan’s of course)!

Primal Pantry – £1.49 each

August Degustabox

This is something new for me! Aimed at those on a Paleo diet and is made with the best real food ingredients and free of any junk. The bars are raw and coldpress, made in the UK, and are naturally gluten and dairy free. Oh and a delicious snack.

Baked Bites

I love these, they are an amazing snack and less than 100 calories. Plus bacon bread bites?! I could eat them all day!

August Degustabox

Fru Snax

Last month we tried the strawberry and fig flavours. This month we get to try the Peach slices with Vanilla Yoghurt Melts. I absolutely LOVE this flavour. I need to find these in the shops, I love them that much! A new favourite of mine.

This box has been really great this month! I love finding new products and remembering forgotten favourites each month with Degustabox. To get £3 off your first box, enter the code C1DAC.

This month’s box retails at around £25, this is over double what you pay for the box which is incredible value and one of the best I’ve seen yet!

Don’t forget to check them out on Twitter and Facebook too!




*This product was kindly sent to me for review purposes and as always all views are my own.

Slimming Solutions Teatox

I’ve recently been using this Teatox* from Slimming Solutions.

Slimming Solutions Teatox

If you’re a regular reader then you will know that I have been leading a much healthier lifestyle and running.

So I also thought it would be a good idea to start this teatox now.

As with any tea detox, the first few days there were a few side effects as expected but I wanted to stick it out as I had heard good things about it.

At the end of the two weeks I felt amazing, I felt like the detox had worked to its full potential. During the teatox, I ate a very healthy diet as I was doing this already, including eat salads and drinking smoothies.

I can’t be certain if I lost weight on the teatox since I was eating healthy anyway!

I’m glad I did this for two weeks and I would definitely do it again in a few months time or after over indulging during Christmas!




*This was kindly sent to me to review.

Kawaii Box

When this cute little parcel of joy dropped through my letterbox I was so excited!


I opened the Kawaii Box* immediately and found a cute little thank you card and some pretty pink kawaii tissue paper.


Now the main items of the box were so cute, naturally.


This adorable bracelet reminds me of the bead bracelets you would get or make when you were a small child! However I really like this one, the pastel colours are so pretty! Also this colourful Llama keyring is also right up my street. I don’t know what it is about keyring but if someone in my family goes somewhere new, I always get a new one! So this is a cute addition to my collection.


The DIY candy necklace is also another great idea! Making your own necklace out of pieces of candy? Now you’re talking!


This doughnut mirror looks good enough to eat. I actually lost my small mirror so this couldn’t have come at a better time!


An adorable toast coaster was also in the box. It is just too cute! Every time I see it, it make me smile! A great addition to my room.

Does the little mushroom plush not just remind you of the mushrooms in the Mario games? Too cute.

And you cannot go wrong with all this stationary. A tiny rubber to go with the cutest pencils I have ever seen!


A whole pouch of stickers that will be a great addition to my diaries!

Sticky notes in every shape and size means that whatever I need a sticky note for, I will have it.

Last but certainly not least, are these glitter pens with little gems. Now we’re talking! I cannot wait to start using these in cards and in my scrapbooks!

Overall I am seriously impressed with everything that came in this months Kawaii Box. I would 100% get one again as it was so easy to order one and get it sent to the UK!




*This was a sample box kindly sent for the purpose of a review.

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