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Review. Arizona Green Tea

If you have been reading my blog for some time then you will know that I love a bit of green tea! While I’ve been on holiday, I’ve tried a few different flavours of Arizona Green Tea and I thought I would write about them for anyone who is interested. They’re imported from the US and come in the prettiest bottles. As far as I know you can’t ge them many places in the UK unlike here where you can get them in every other shop.

First up, Green Tea and Honey:
Personally, I found this way too sweet compared to the fruity ones. It tasted like I was basically drinking sugar and water. Not something I’ll be trying again! It was over 30 degrees or so everyday on holiday so I would rather have had something slightly more refreshing.


Pomegranate Green Tea:
To sum it up in one word: delicious! (My favourite word at the moment). It was only a little bit sweet but it was quite fruity and so freshening which is just what I needed. It was almost gone after 2 minute! If it didn’t contain so much sugar I would want to drink it more often.


Blueberry White Tea:
This was quite similar to the pomegranate green tea but was more like water with a hint of blueberry juice. Unfortunately, this was the third and last one I tried (the hotel didn’t have any more flavours), and it was also the only time I read the label (a lesson to be learned here). 
That sweetness I tasted in all of them? Yeah, that would be because the second ingredient, after water, was sugar. It explains everything! 

Although there was just under 150 cal in the whole drink which considering the ingredients, I thought was quite good.
The quote on the bottle says “here’s to your health” but with carbohydrates at 7g per 100ml, I’m not seeing how it is beneficial to my health in any way.


My point is, that despite the pretty bottles and false advertising, you are probably better off choosing a different drink!
I liked this quote so I thought I would share it ❤️

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