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A Stationary Addicts Guide to Blog Organisation

Hi, my names Adele and I’m a stationary addict. I must own over 20 notebooks, hundreds of pens, sticky notes, washi tape, you name it, I own it.

I have been completely awful with blog organisation recently. I’ve had a sudden surge of inspiration, hence why I have had so many posts this month but I have been completely awful at organising myself. So it is time to sort that out! Here are a number of stationary pieces I use in the offline world to stay organised and keep everything together.

Toad Diaries* are an online company who specialise in custom made diaries and notebooks to suit you. They have over 20 cover designs, both plain and patterned, plus you can add text to the front and back. I love being able to add the text as it means it is unique to you and no one else will have the same.


  • Planner

I like using a planner that I can keep all my blog notes in and when the posts will be scheduled. For the inside pages, I chose a weekly view with lined pages. This way I can keep all the relevant blog posts and notes all together on two pages. I love a to do list so those will definitely be used on the lined pages too!

I conveniently named my diary “Blog Planner 2015/16, because, you know, I don’t want to get confused now. I also love the large range of covers that are available! I chose this pretty Spring Flourish pattern which is so pretty and I love the bright colours.

You can also choose the length of the diary and the month it starts, in this case I chose 18 months to start this month! I haven’t had a specific blog planner before but I’m loving it and finding it so helpful.


  • Notebook

I’m someone who prefers to have notes written down on paper, I just find it easier for when I’m typing it up and I can make little changes to the posts. I chose the quote “What Is Coming Is Better Than What Is Gone” to give me a lovely bit of motivation and inspiration before I start writing!

I opted for a pink cover, need I say more! You can choose either 120, 160 or 200 pages in the notebook. I love being able to have all my blog notes in one place before typing them up. As well when I’m out of the house without my laptop.

I am seriously impressed with the quality, service and quick delivery from Toad Diaries. I would really recommend them!

  • To Do Lists

I also use this little to do list pad on a clipboard from Paperchase which I keep on my desk to scribble down things I need to do while I can still remember!


  • Pens, Washi Tape & Paperclips

I keep these on my desk to make my planner and notes so much prettier. I don’t want a plain, boring planner!

  • Post-It Notes

These are great in so many ways, adding extra notes to a full up page, adding into planners or just to have on the desk to write down things quickly.

Stickers are also a fun way to make planners better!

I am crazy about being organised! How do you keep organised?

*This was kindly gifted to me, and as always all thoughts are my own.

Blogger Beauty Box

Blogger Beauty Box

As it would seem I am often surrounded by beauty bloggers and when Vix Meldrew thought she would create a beauty box aimed at bloggers, I knew I had to have one!

She has put so much love and thought in to putting together these boxes and the outcome just goes to show that she has done very well!

She got branded boxes made with her logo printed on them which are ideal for keeping the products undamaged while being posted. There’s nothing worse than having beauty products broken in the post.Blogger Beauty Box

First impressions were very good. It is a good first box and I couldn’t wait to start using the products.

Dusty Girls “Pacific Ocean Shimmer” Lipgloss

Blogger Beauty Box

A product that I already have and absolutely love, I’m almost through my first one so I’m glad to have another. You can see my first review here.

MooGoo Cover-Up Buttercup Moisturiser

Blogger Beauty Box

A product that I would have chosen myself as I’m not a huge fan of moisturisers because I just end up sticky (TMI?) but I have really enjoyed using this product. Being at a festival last weekend meant that I was always conscious of the weather. So with this moisturiser having SPF 15 meant that I had a bit of extra time looking at the sun before worrying about burning.

W7 Eyelust Mascara

Mascaras are actually my weakness when it comes to beauty products, along with blusher, I have more mascaras than any other beauty product I own. So when I saw this I knew I would love it. I love mascaras that make my eyelashes look big (I mean doesn’t everyone?), so I was already on to a winner. Plus I love trying different types of brushes.

Blogger Beauty Box

W7 Fluorescent Kiss Lipstick

I have only been using lipsticks for the last couple of years, it’s not something that I’ve felt the need to always wear. I think I would have to be seriously brave to wear this bright pink lipstick but it’s always good to have something like this handy.

I personally think that subscription boxes are always hit and miss no matter what kind they are and on this occasion Vicky has done extremely well. For £10 it is well worth the money! I’ve already signed up for the next box and I can’t wait to see what’s inside!


Urban Fruit Snacks

Now that I have moved back home, I am surrounded by my family to keep me motivated and help keep me on track to eating healthy.

Urban Fruit

I have very kindly been sent an Urban Fruit Snack* box to try all that they have to offer! They have a lot of different fruits to try which is good to see for the brand! The first ones to catch my eye were the mango and pineapple bags. Only this year have I tried mango and it’s safe to say that I have fallen in love with it.

There was a selection of Smashing Strawberry, Magnificent Mango, Perfectly Pineapple, Cheeky Cherry and Tremendously Tropical.

Urban Fruit

All of the fruits are gently baked, there is no added sugar or sulphates, which these days is becoming more important to everyone.

Urban Fruit

Each of their fruits come in two bag sizes, a larger one with several portions and smaller snack bags each with around 100 calories. So you can eat delicious fruit and not worry about calories but also get your sweet fix. It certainly beats a bar of chocolate.

Urban Fruit

I thought I would have a favourite out of the Mango and Pineapple but after trying them all, I don’t think I do have a favourite now. They are definitely one of the best snacks around though!



*This product was kindly sent to me for review purposes and as always all views are my own.

Zeo Drinks

As another company involved in the first Pretty Lovely Bloggers event, it was so kind of Zeo* to offer to send us a few of their flavours to try before we handed them out at the event!

Drink Zeo

A cute box arrived and inside was a lovely card saying how pleased they were to be involved, which really goes a long way as far as I’m concerned!

The three flavours I received were Peach & Grapefruit, Zesty Lime and Blood Orange & Citrus.

Drink Zeo

I have tried the first of these two flavours before and made a comment on how the Zesty Lime flavour tastes exactly like Smirnoff Ice but without any alcohol, it is definitely like reliving your teenage years!

The peach and grapefruit is also really delicious with tones of both fruits, it is so refreshing in the heat we have been having!

Blood orange and citrus is not a flavour I would pick up myself. I prefer just plain orange if I’m going to have it at all! However, I really loved this flavour and it just goes to show that you should try new things more often.

To make these drinks even better, they are sightly carbonated, have all natural ingredients and are low in sugar. A winner to me.

Drink Zeo

I am so excited to have Zeo as part of the first Pretty Lovely Bloggers event. Don’t forget to sign up as we are planning our next events now!

*This product was kindly sent to me for review purposes and as always all views are my own.

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