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July Degustabox

As a company we are working very closely with for Pretty Lovely Bloggers first event in the West Midlands, I though I should share the July Summer Degustabox* with you all!


1. Weetabix On The God (£1.49 each)


I’ve seen these around in shops before but never actually picked one up. They come in chocolate and vanilla flavours and are a perfect quick breakfast. At 236 calories per bottle, they could be worse off and they also include 4 vitamins and iron. As I’m starting my new job, this will come in handy as I have a half an hour drive to work and I probably won’t always have time for a proper breakfast.

2. Fru Snax (£1.25 each)


I ave never seen these before but they are certainly intriguing. These are simply fruit and yoghurt pieces with flavours that complement each other. With each pack less than 50 calories there is no reason to feel guilty and still get your sugar fix!

3. Lambrini (£3.49)


I think Lambrini has a bad name for itself but they still do so well so I will be giving this a chance before writing it off. t just reminds me of being 16 and everyone drinking it because it was cheap! However at first look, I was really impressed with the design on the bottle, really cute and subtle! As for the flavour – So Strawberry, The Fruity One, it’s definitely right up my street. I love fruity wine so I am sure I will enjoy it. This is part of their new range and the other flavours look great too!

Verdict: I tried it, and I wasn’t as big of a fan as I thought I might have been.

4. Say Yes To No (£1.49)


Another new product for me and whilst sour cream and onion wouldn’t be my first choice, these are a great snack. What I love about this product is that it is promoting that they are not lying through their marketing, they are not selling an artificial product and there has been no photoshopping. I would love to see more products from this company!

5. Newton’s Appl Fizzic’s (£1.20)

If I could compare this to anything it would be appletizer, do they still make that anymore? There definitely aren’t enough apple products on the market and this one is delicious. It contains 40% less sugar than your regular apple juice.

6. Tasty Little Numbers (£3.49 each)


These are crazy tasty foods in smaller portions. These are great to chuck in the microwave after a long day and to make it even better, they’re only 200 calories in each portion! For only 200 calories a portion, you don’ need to feel guilty about eating it. You’re getting great tasting food that is filling of not very much!

7. Taking the Pea (£1.50)


Possibly one of the strangest snacks I have come across, a range of flavoured peas! Fresh English grown peas which provide more protein than crisps (well I should think so) and less fat than nuts, high fibre and less than 145 calories, they are the perfect nutritious snack in a big enough packet that you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

The newest addition to this month’s round of Degustaboxes is something called DB’s Discoveries. Sharing brans that they love which customers may not have discovered yet.

This month I received 2 bottles of Little Miracles in their green tea & pomegranate and lemongrass tea & orange juice flavours. I’ve tried the first of those flavours before but not the second. Each bottle is a blend of organic tea, juice and ginseng. Then sweetened with agave, each bottle is less than 90 calories. There is nothing artificial added which is always a bonus. They are the perfect pick-me-up whatever time of day it is.


This months Degustabox has clearly revolved around low calorie and nutritious snacks and meals. My first impressions were that I am very impressed by this months box. I will enjoy every single item in this box, or I’ve probably gobbled it all up by now! Some of these are such great products which I would have found if it wasn’t for Degustabox! The value of this months box is also really good, for £12.99 including P+P you get £22.94 worth of products which is almost £10 extra!

I’m beyond excited to be working with Degustabox in the future and having them as part of our future Pretty Lovely Bloggers Events.

If you fancy getting next months Degustabox, you can get £3 off your first box using C1DAC, I haven’t regretted signing up yet!

Also don’t forget, it you want to attend our future PLB events sign up here.

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*This product was kindly sent to me for review purposes and as always all views are my own.

Summer Garden Parties with Talking Tables

It’s that time of the year again when we all want to be outside, with friends or family, enjoying the wonderful weather (on the most part, come on England!) and having BBQs and picnics. Sounds perfect right?

Well, with Talking Tables* it can be that perfect! They so kindly sent me some of their products from their Truly Alice and Truly Scrumptious ranges, and I am absolutely in love! I want to have parties everyday just so that I can use all of these amazing products.

I want to play afternoon tea parties like a little girl with all of this lovely stuff. I’m thinking mini cut out sandwiches, scones, mini cupcakes, macarons and the best tea in town (green tea, obvs). You’re all invited!

Talking Tables

What I love the most about some of these items is that I can reuse them for more parties or even for decoration. The bunting and the Truly Alice signs can be used time and time again. I think it can be quite difficult to find party decorations that are affordable and also classy at the same time. Not all cheap decorations are tasteful, sure they are fun but they aren’t very pretty and are made from thin materials that break if you touch them. However, with Talking Tables you get what you pay for definitely, everything except the plates and cups can be reused. I’ll stop going on and share some pretty photos of what I’ll be using to host some amazing summer parties.

Conveniently, my sisters 18th is in a couple of months time so we will be getting out these decorations to lay on the finest spread, Alice in Wonderland themed of course. I am in love with these gorgeous little Drink Me bottles that would be perfect for mini cocktails and I also love these tags which can be used as table decorations, place tags or a little invitation. It makes the dream of a Mad Hatters tea party come true.

Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables

I, for one, cannot wait until they release their Christmas ranges! I can only imagine how incredible they would be and I will definitely be the first one buying this range and planning a Christmas party.

So whose coming over for a garden tea party?

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*I was sent this product for review purposes and as always my views are my own.

Drinking Tea with TeaShed and Cocktails with Popaballs

As one of the brands getting involved with our first Pretty Lovely Bloggers Event, it was only right for me to make sure that their products were suitable for the 50 bloggers we have attending right 😉

The TeaShed

I had never had Earl Grey tea before but since the other tea was Green Tea (and I have boxes of the stuff everywhere!), I thought I would try something new and go for the Earl Grey. Needless to say I was not disappointed. As tea comes, it cam be pretty basic, paper tea bags that break if you tear them apart too hard and the taste of cheaper tea bags can be practically non existent. This is not the case with TeaShed* tea. They use silky pyramid tea bags with 20 in the bag. They come in a reusable paper cup (no waste on packaging eh?!) and are funnily named Mr Grey’s Tea. I love all the names of their teas, they are witty and make you giggle a little bit, we all appreciate a good pun at the end of the day.

The TeaShed

I honestly thought I wouldn’t enjoy the Earl Grey tea at all, but I was so wrong. I prefer my tea quite strong anyway so I really enjoyed this. I haven’t quite mastered how I like it made yet and I will definitely have to order more soon as I am on the last few tea bags! It has the taste of strong tea with a hint of orange in it, it definitely isn’t for everyone and as British people we are accustomed to our standard Breakfast Tea, but I can’t urge you enough to try Earl Grey. If you love strong Breakfast Tea then you will love Earl Grey!

The other product I had the pleasure of trying was the Blueberry Popaballs. I had seen so many pictures on their Twitter and Instagram pages of people using their Popaballs in cocktails and prosecco and I absolutely had to try some like this! I didn’t have any prosecco in but I did have a frozen cocktail in so I grabbed this and put so Popaballs on top. It was so good! I can only imagine how goo they would taste with prosecco.


I thought I would come up with some other ideas that weren’t necessarily alcohol based but the list for those is endless. I think these are great just to pop in some water with a drop of juice and mix up to flavours and also with some lemonade (and a cheeky splash of vodka).


The next thing I’ll be ordering from Popaballs is one of their Bubble Tea Kits, on The Tea Shed website they have a Bubble Tea Subscription box but before I sign up to that I want to make sure that I actually like the bubble tea. So I’ll be ordering one of these with Mango flavoured powder and Peach Popaballs. I’ve got a love for mango and peach at the moment so I think this combination will be perfect. However, the combination possibilities are endless so you can choose something that you would love!

What do you think of Earl Grey tea? What would you put with Popaballs to make your perfect drink?

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Taffy Mail

The tag line is “Your Favourite Piece Of Mail” and I bet for a whole lot of people it really is! I was so excited when I found my Taffy Mail* box waiting outside the door, I was over the moon, it was so heavy and I didn’t expect it to arrive so quickly, so it certainly was my favourite piece of mail that day!

taffy mail

This subscription box is like no other I’ve seen before. I obviously get Degustabox on a monthly basis and there are a million and one beauty boxes floating around in the blogger world but a box dedicated to american sweets at an affordable price? Pass it my way. I know you’re probably screaming at the computer where do I get one of these? Well the answer is right here.

They do 3 different sized boxes which I think is an amazing idea! Lite which costs £7.49 and contains 4 to 5 american sweets. Classic which costs £14.99 a month and contains 10 to 12 american sweets and one can of american soda. Extra which costs £24.99 and contains up to 20 american sweets, at least one can of soda and at least one premium item. I personally think that the Lite box is a little overpriced for what it is but I would definitely pay the money for the Classic and Extra boxes. In fact I would love an Extra box just to see the amazing variety and get a premium item. Now these premium items include sweets such as Oreos or special editions of sweets or larger packets.

So what was in the box?

taffy mail

A whole selection of yummy sweets of course! I got 12 items in my box, including 1 can of “Soda”. Sorry, I find it so American using the word soda! It was pretty split between having chocolate and sweets which I thought was really good. When I first opened the box, I thought there was lots of chocolate and at the time I was in the mood for candy sweets instead of chocolate but after a day or so this passed and I thought the balance was just right!

Out of all the products in the box, I had only ever tried 2 which was good going for me. I’ve tried my fair share of American sweets and I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be trying many new sweets but 10 out of 12 is very good going!

I think I’ve tried the majority of the Wonka sweets and these bottle caps unfortunately weren’t my favourite. They’re very similar to parma violets and I really don’t like those! I’ve also tried sour Warheads before as I have a bit of an obsession with sour sweets and they certainly don’t disappoint!

My sister tried the Skybar which she didn’t enjoy at all! It was four squares of chocolate with different fillings, still a very odd concept if you ask me. She also tried Nestle Chunky which is basically Cadburys Fruit and Nut!

taffy mail

Hershey’s Air Delight is exactly the same as Aero! Everyone says Hershey’s is horrible but this was actually enjoyable! As was the Rocky Road which was marshmallow, Graham crackers and covered in milk chocolate, mmmmm.

When you were younger, you must have had popping candy right? Well how do you feel about popping candy covered in chocolate? A whole new ball game and a delicious experience.

Mentos Rainbow are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I had a feeling from looking at the packet that it would be the flavours on the outside in the colours of the rainbow and it was! You got two of each flavour in the same order as the packet so it was like a rainbow, I was way too amused by this and they tasted delicious.

taffy mail

The last 3 sweets; Airheads Extreme Watermelon, Charleston Chew and Cotton Candy bubblegum were also all delicious and it was so good to try some new american sweets that I wouldn’t have bought if I was out there.

I also love the fact that you get a can of soda in the two larger boxes as you wouldn’t typically think that a food subscription box would add a drink can into it and you need something to wash down all those sweets with don’t you!

taffy mail

I honestly think that this is an amazing concept for a subscription box and since you all want to sign up, go to their website and when signing up use the promotional code ADELE10 which will give you 10% off your order and this is valid for 3 months. So what are you waiting for? Go sign up!

*I was sent this product for review purposes and as always my views are my own.

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