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A Guide to Meal Planning


I personally think that meal planning is ultimately the way forward. Otherwise you end up spending way more than you intend to because you want something quick and easy. Am I right?

I would recommend getting a weekly planner of some kind, either a chalkboard so there’s no waste or you can get a planner from somewhere like Paperchase or WhSmiths.

  1. Look at the food you’ve already got, check the cupboards and the freezer. Damn, work with what you’ve got.
  2. Make a plan on what you’ve got and write a shopping list. I find this saves money because I’m normally well stocked on tins of tomatoes, beans, soup and all the basics!
  3. Go shopping on the Sunday and stick to your list (I know, I know, this is easier said than done)
  4. Get prepping! I never ever want to cook when I finish work so I make up a good few days worth of meals on my day off so I basically have ready meals in the fridge! It’s great because it’s still the food that I love and enjoy and it’s all homemade, what could be better?
  5. Cook up meals that can be frozen too, these are the easiest to have because you can take them out in the morning and they are ready to heat up in the evening.
  6. Invest in a slow cooker, they aren’t overly expensive. You can put something on in the morning like a soup or even a chicken and you’ll have a meal in the evening.

I know these tips may seem a bit difficult if you have a family and you want to feed them fresh and nutritious meals but it’s still possible. I keep bolognese sauce and chilli con carne in the freezer which are packed full of good stuff and plenty nutritious. Now I’m not saying you should do this everyday but for weekdays it is much easier.

I do truly believe that meal planning is the way forward. It saves so much time and effort if you’ve got a set menu and meals made.

Do you use meal planning? Does it work for you?

Adele's Journey

Feeling Unmotivated

This is certainly not a boohoo feel sorry for me and woe is me blog post but I have been feeling seriously unmotivated recently. I don’t want to do anything or even get out of bed and if I do it’s to get food. How awful is that? Just to get out of bed for food.

This post was brought on by a number of things; another blog post I read, my sister being worried about my health and the fact that when I was sorting my clothes out at home, I can’t keep any of them from last summer as I’ve gone up 2 clothes sizes in a year. Yeah now I’m worried.


I used to look like this 4 years ago, and I also still have this dress. It’s too pretty to get rid of. Just gunna go cry now.

I honestly need to get a grip and pull myself together. I know everyone says “Oh I’ll have a Netflix day” I do this whenever I’m not working. If I’m home then I’m in bed and Netflix is on. This is certainly not a way to live my life. Seriously how am I living like this? (although Once Upon A Time is so good and you should start watching it right now, like leave my blog and come back to it later, it is THAT good).


I recently read Emma from Essays and Wine Post about her weight and how she is dealing with that. I sat there crying for a good hour because I knew exactly how she felt. I could have a seriously great day but I could easily come home and eat a bag or two of crisps, sharing ones that is. It’s disgusting.


This was only last year. A year ago or so, that’s a seriously drastic change in 3 years.

My biggest fears? I won’t get married or have children. This is all I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember and I know guys automatically friend zone me because of the way I look.

The biggest fear of all though, has to be the one that I’m going to end up killing myself because of all the awful food I put in my body. So why can’t I stop?

I am basically destroying my insides and I can’t stop. If you have the answer I will love you forever. Someone save me from this madness.

My sister has actually text me a number of times in the past few weeks practically begging me to try and get motivated because she’s worried about what I’m putting into my body. This in itself has hit a nerve and has really made me think that I’m ruining my life by it.

What’s worse is that this is actually the only part of my life I wish to change. I’m amazingly happy with my blog, I’m planning my trip of a lifetime, I’m going to be back with my family soon and I have people I can turn to when I need to. I also have a whole load of plans to go places and events to attend. In these aspects, I am in the best place I have ever been and for that I am unbelievably grateful. I know that opportunities are going so come knocking soon so I will be staying patient.

Does anyone have any tips for me to get back to healthy eating and exercising? Help me get motivated again please!



A couple of days ago my twitter feed literally blew up. You will probably have noticed the hashtag #WeAreTheThey, which hit back at the comments Jamelia made during Loose Women that day, which I seriously hope she regrets.

I felt so good wearing this on my birthday

The discussion was on plus-sized clothing for teenage girls. What a dangerous topic already. At no point do I justify that it is ok to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. That’s what this blog is all about at the end of the day, to lead a better lifestyle. No doubt there are a lot of people who have comfort eaten their way to being plus sized, just like I have but I also understand there will have been reasons behind it and also there may be medical reasons behind it. But damn that chocolate tastes so good when you’re having a bad day.

What really puzzles me is that no one is really doing anything about it. Some healthy food is unnecessarily expensive and some unhealthy food is so stupidly cheap. If you are on a strict budget then surely you are going to go for the cheaper option? Someone please correct me if I have completely missed the point here. I’m sure there was talk about taxing junk food a while back, and I was thinking about this the other day (mid breakdown), please do. I would be so less tempted to buy all the crap if it was more expensive and the healthy stuff was cheaper. For me it makes so much sense and I don’t understand why they haven’t done this already. If healthy food was cheaper I’m sure they would be more likely to buy that.

And it’s all very well writing recipe books with really healthy recipes but when the ingredients cost £5 for the tiniest bag or jar, there is absolutely no way I’m going to be buying those ingredients.

Apparently 60% of teenage girls are overweight but why shouldn’t they be allowed to wear high street clothes like anyone of a “normal” size? What even is a normal size anyway? We are no different to anyone of a smaller size, we just have more curves but why should that be discriminated against? Like seriously?

Whenever I go clothes shopping, I basically go into melt down because I can never find anything that fits properly. Do you know what that actually feels like? I can hear you thinking “so why don’t you do something about it?”. Well I am but it’s not so simple sometimes and with a lack of support where it is needed and a hell of a lot of mental issues behind it, they can really get in the way. Right now, I’d be over the moon if I was a size 14. However, I know after a while I wouldn’t be happy with that either. Can anyone try say they are really happy with the way they are? Because I would salute you if you are.

Only the day after this twitter fiasco, I was at work wearing my jeggings (which I feel really good in fyi), and I got told that it was really nice to see someone of “my size” wearing the jeggings that we sell. Well what am I supposed to make of that? If I brought this up with someone, I’m sure they would be really surprised! It makes it worse by who it was that said it. I’m not entirely sure where anyone gets off saying something like that to someone who is clearly sensitive about their weight anyway. Especially after they have just referred to themselves as a skinny bitch. They are really just as bad as Jamelia. Thanks, but really no thanks.

All I really want is to be happy, healthy and be accepted by someone who truly loves me. One day I will find the guy that will accept me the way I am. None of this you are disgusting because you are fat BS.


And I just want to thank @Beauty7products for her lovely tweet!


Why Wouldn’t You Go To Centerparcs?

It’s no secret how much I love Centerparcs. If you follow me on twitter then you are probably sick of all my tweets about it, my bad!

Anyway, on to what we did. There were 7 of us to start off the week which increased to 8 half way through, so it made sense to get a 4 bedroom villa but we were very lucky because we also had a games room and a sauna.

games room

centerparcs outdoors villa

This is the first time in a long time that we cooked most of our evening meals in the villa, but with so many of us, it would have gotten overly expensive. That saying, we went out on Thursday evening to the Indian, called Rajinda Pradesh, for my brothers birthday (he’s officially a teenager!).

centerparcs longleat rajinda pradesh

To be honest, we do so many activities during the day that by 5pm we’re about ready to drop! So it was really nice to sit down in the evening and be comfy as opposed to stuck in a restaurant! I just think we enjoyed our evening a little more, despite the fact that it is lovely eating out.

Each day we played tennis and badminton (standard for us!), plus so much cycling. We also enjoyed a couple of rounds of adventure golf and on our last evening we did an Aerial Adventure, which is very similar to Go Ape! and you zip wire across the lake at the end. And of course how could I forget the swimming, as well as pedalos on the lake.

centerparcs longleat zip wire
centerparcs longleat aerial adventureserious hat hair going on here..

centerparcs pedalos

These activities are of course our preference, and there are so many more too – you have the spa where you can have treatments or spend a half/full day, there are other outdoor activities including rock climbing and abseiling, a lake for all kinds of water activities and also indoor activities. This is only for adults, there are even more for children, check out the website here.

centerparcs longleat lake

I think it can be very difficult to spend every day outside unless it is your job! It’s so refreshing to spend this time outside, doing activities, cycling and walking about.

I honestly think that Centerparcs is for absolutely everyone, there is something for for whatever takes your fancy. Cost can always be negotiated, whether you choose an activity and eat in, or go swimming and cycling so that you can eat out. There’s a lot of controversy about this, particularly on Mumsnet, so I’ve decided to do another post about it. Stay tuned!

Obviously I’m completely biased but if you are considering going then go! You won’t regret it at all!

I love it so much that I’m off again in 2 months with @LDNmeetup for #bloggersinvadecenterparcs and I cannot wait!

Have you ever been? What do you think? Or are you considering going?


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