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Beauty Blogger Box September Edition

It’s time for the second edition of the Blogger Beauty Box by the wonderful Vicky. I was so surprised when this arrived through the post but also so excited for it to arrive!

Blogger Beauty Box

The first product which caught my attention was the Yes To…Facial Wipes. The travel pack is so ideal for winter weekends away and they smell just like blueberries, I love them.

Blogger Beauty Box

Makeup Revolution has got to be one of the most talked about makeup brands in the beauty blogger world. I have one of their eyeshadow palettes which I absolutely love. I like the feel of this lipstick and that it is slightly creamy. I love the colour but I would have to be in a daring mood to wear it!

Blogger Beauty Box

I met the lovely people behind Yours Truly Organic at the Bloggers Festival in London and I’m excited to try this serum. I love what they stand for already and I have a good feeling about this repairing serum!

Blogger Beauty Box

This lipgloss from Beautiful Movements Cosmetics in Gypsy Spirit is a beautiful colour. It’s a very matte lipgloss or at least as matte as a lipgloss can be. I didn’t think this colour would suit me but I really like the deep peach colour.

Blogger Beauty Box

The last item this month is a hand cream from Sniffy Wiffy. I absolutely love what they stand for. In their words “the first company to bring the fight against breast and testicular cancer into bathrooms everywhere.” With all their products, there is the option to have it with or without a label. This label explains how to do a self-examination. A genius idea if you ask me. I got a cherry scented hand cream, it smells amazing and my hands feel so soft.

Blogger Beauty Box

Yet another great beauty blogger box, I cannot wait to see what next month brings!


Bloggers Festival

I had been umming and ahhing about attending the Bloggers Festival by Scarlett London for some time but a few weeks or so before the event I thought I would find out if there were any space available. To my delight there were!


Fortunately for this event I didn’t have to leave at 6am so even though I should have been able to have a little lie in, I still woke up early from excitement.


I hadn’t entirely decided what to wear as even though I’ve lost quite a lot of weight, I still wasn’t entirely comfortable in a lot of my clothes. In the end I went for a pink dress with a little navy cardigan. Clothes that were once too small for me but now fit!

Before the event, I met Kirsty and we popped in to Tiger to get some bits for our own event in a couple of weeks time plus I miss that place! It’s so good for little bits you might need. Sadly they didn’t have what we needed, gutted!

We then headed over to St. James’ Park to the hotel where the event was taking place. The room was well laid out with brands around the outside of the room, and in the centre was an area for us tired bloggers to sit down and relax.


I met some great brands including Jewellery Box, Lego, Small Man Media, Exuviance and Grace who do some amazing Caribbean foods. I also loved talking to Mode Media who had some incredible ideas and clearly love working with bloggers!

#BloggersFestival #BloggersFestival

I also loved getting this cute glitter tattoo from Glimmer Tattoos. It’s totally acceptable to have these all the time right?


I cam away with so many treats and goodies that I absolutely cannot wait to try and share with you all.


I’m also pretty sure my family love it when I come back from these events with so much stuff that they can try too!

A huge thank you to Scarlett and everyone who helped her put on such a great afternoon.

I slept like a baby that night after such an exhausting day!


Lush Oxford Street Mini Haul

The Thursday before I went to Centerparcs, which was actually a month ago now CRAZY, I headed into Central London to meet Kirsty and the first place we headed was to Lush on Oxford Street. If you haven’t been to this store yet, you’re missing out, admittedly it’s a lot smaller than I expected but it is 3 floors which is still HUGE. The bottom floor dedicated to their spa and fragrances. The ground floor dedicated to soaps, shower gels, makeup and face products. The top floor is hope to all the bath bombs, bubble bars and your gifting section.

I haven’t ever experienced anything like this before. There are SO many products and way too many to choose from. I already knew exactly what I wanted but I was still tempted by a couple more. I work in retail and I always think it is important to deliver great customer service. I have never been anywhere were I feel I have received such amazing customer service but when I went into Lush I felt it was incredible! The girls were so helpful and so enthusiastic about the products which was refreshing and it definitely helped me to decide which products to get.

Lush Oxford St Exclusive

I chose 4 all together and I so wish I had gotten more now! I got The Experimenter, Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar, Frozen and Intergalactic. The Intergalactic is actually a present I gave to my Dad but it had beautiful colours and I can imagine it was very relaxing.

Lush Oxford St Exclusive

The Experimenter is one you have probably seen before, it’s the hexagonal shaped bath bomb exclusive to Oxford Street which has four different quadrants in pink, blue, yellow and white with a thin line of purple through the middle. It even has popping candy in it! I cannot wait to see the beautiful and bright colours that it turns the water! It smells incredible as well with strong tones of vanilla which is such a comforting scent. This is one that I will be saving for a rainy ay so I can enjoy a relaxing bath.

Lush Oxford St Exclusive

I am absolutely obsessed with Frozen, I think I’ve watched it over a hundred times as it’s 1 of 3 movies on my laptop. So the minute I saw that Lush had released a Frozen bath bomb I knew I absolutely needed it, the need was so unreal!! It was the first one I picked up and with the grapefruit, neroli and rose oils it smells absolutely incredible. I love fruity smells, I find it really refreshing so it was even more perfect for me.

Lush Oxford St Exclusive

The third product that I got for myself was the flamingo bubble bar. It’s pink and makes bubbles, where can I go wrong? If you haven’t seen already, I have a bit of a thing for flamingos and pink, my bedding is bring pink with white flamingos and I cannot wait for payday so I can get some more flamingo themed homeware! Anyway, the Pink Flamingo has rosewood oil, bergamot oil and Ylang Ylang oil plus their fair trade organic cocoa butter in it, so I can only imagine how good it is on the skin.

I haven’t used any of them yet as I do this thing where I save all my things for ages till I use them. Not for any reason in particular, just I’m not in any hurry to use them so I savour them a little longer. On the plus side, my room smells Lush.

Adele's Journey

Longleat Safari Park

If you read my last post about Centerparcs, then you will know that I headed to Longleat Safari Park with Kirsty, Abi and Bella and a great day it was!

When we got to the zoo, we all piled into my car to go through the Safari. If you’ve never been to Longleat before then before you drive through the Safari, you get the chance to park up and get our of your car to see the giraffes and a few other animals. When I went last year, I didn’t get the chance to feed them but this time we rolled up right on time to feed them breakfast which was amazing. I managed to get a cheeky little video of me feeding one! Giraffes are such beautiful animals!

IMG_1317Next we went to see some goats and then we walked with the lemurs. Check our this little guy posing and having the time of his life.



We then jumped back in the car to go around the Safari, I didn’t that many great photos as I was driving.

We drove past the giraffes and zebras first, then past the stunning flamingoes (which I have a slight obsession with right now), before we entered the monkey enclosure.

I stupidly forgot to take the aerial off of my car which the monkeys had so much fun with!


Next up were the rhinos which were insane and ostriches, camels and two different types of deer.


The best bit was next, all of the big cats! We saw tigers, lions and cheetahs. They are all so beautiful and they all looked so peaceful as we drove post!



The last part of the Safari were the wolves which again were so beautiful, we managed to get a close look at one of them before it lay back down again.


We got back to the zoo area and headed straight to get some lunch as we were starving! We took a wander and walked with the meerkats who were so cute! After we headed over to the cruise boat and took a tour round the lake. This is one of my favourite parts of the zoo. You get to see the sea lions, which are bigger than me!, two hippos lying at the edge of the lake, one of the world oldest gorillas who loves to watch Spongebob Squarepants and a few younger gorillas. You also get the chance to throw fish to sea lions but I passed on this one!



Also at the moment, there are dinosaur models that move every so often with sound effects, they were installed last month to go with the release of the Jurassic World movie. I’m a bit of a nerd and love all of this dinosaur stuff and I desperately want to see the film!


Luckily, walking through the dinosaurs led to Penguin Island and we were able to walk through part of their enclosure but we had to keep our distance as they can bite, which is more difficult than it sounds when they have backed you into a corner!

IMG_1516Unfortunately, after that we had to head home as the others had trains to catch and we all had long journeys ahead of us! It was the perfect end to the weekend and I’m so glad to have spent an extra few hours with these 3!

Adele's Journey

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