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A few weeks ago I got my first negative response (that I know of) to my blog. To say the least I was shocked. To be honest, I didn’t know how to react. The fact it came from someone I could trust, or so I though, made it a little bit worse and they clearly hadn’t been reading it.
This really goes to show how judgmental society is these days and the quote ‘never judge a book by its cover’ could not be any truer in this case.
I’m sure that this isn’t the only person who has jumped to conclusions about my blog, and when I started, this is very much what I anticipated. I have put my story out there for everyone to see, which has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done and for those who are judging me, they are clearly not worth being a part of my life!
However, that aside, to all of you who keep reading and offering me an unbelievable amount of support, my family, old school friends, I could never thank you enough and its really keeping me going right now.

So as another little update, I’m keeping positive (despite negative comments) and lining up a load of dishes I want to tr. I’m also going to go cold turkey on crisps, my real true weakness, and this will be my biggest challenge yet and I will let you know how it goes.
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A Quick Update

Last week I confessed that I had had a bad week, cheated on my diet and promised to try harder over the next coming days, and that I did. I haven’t cheated on my diet and I’ve actually been to the gym, a much greater success than the week before. I’ve been told this week that I look skinnier as well which is a great compliment that I will never get tired of hearing! However I still feel like its not enough, obviously I know I could have gone to the gym more and stayed for longer when I did go and that will be my aim for this week. I never really know which equipment or machines to use in the gym though, to maximise weight loss (any advice would be greatly appreciated).

It’s tough sometimes, I could have 1 or 2 great days that are really productive but after that I could end up having 2 or 3 really awful days that seem hard to get out of. I’m sure I’m not the only person that has this problem, and as these other people, you feel like you’re the only person that this happens to, in that sense I guess we are not alone!

I’ll keep this short and sweet and stop complaining now! I’m getting up extra early tomorrow to go food shopping and to the gym, starting the week the right way!!

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My Confession

I have a confession to make, this last week has been completely awful. The worst week I’ve had since March and that’s saying something considering I’ve had exams in that time. I caved in and cheated badly, stress got the better of me after a series of bad moments and it all went downhill from there.

It’s not the greatest feeling to admit to cheating on your diet to be honest with you. It happened though and I have to live with the guilt of that. It’s in the past now and there’s nothing I can do about it but get over it and know that a new week is starting. All I can really say is that I will try even harder this week and hope that I can find a different way to deal with my stress that doesn’t involve eating all the time.

I need to dig deep down and find the motivation I need to get myself going. Today, my mum and her friend did a triathlon, their first one and my mum is now determined to do even more! I want that kind of determination and next year me and my dad are going to do it as well. You may laugh but it gives me something to aim for, even if it is a year away.

Isn’t she great?

I also need to lose a significant amount of weight before I go to Athens at the end of next month. Not being someone who likes being in the sun that much as it is, I need to lose weight to not be uncomfortable when I’m walking around. So again, it is the start of a new week and I will be starting by hitting the gym.

Give up? Not a chance.

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An Active Weekend in Centerparcs

So last weekend my family and I took a trip to centerparcs in Longleat. It was definitely one of the most active weekends I’ve ever had. We just so happened to have a villa that was in the furthest corner the village meaning it was trek to get anywhere! On the first day we already had to walk the length of the village from the car park to the Indian restaurant! I’d already had a pt session first thing that morning so I was already exhausted. I did treat myself with a couple glasses of wine and managed to eat quite a bit for dinner but I did resist the naan bread and poppadoms. However I did feel a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to keep up with everyone when we were walking back.
On the second day we went to collect our bikes and cycled the length of the village at least 3 times!! I have the nicest massage and a tuna sandwich for lunch. We had a very competitive game of badminton and I was completely exhausted after but felt so good. Then went for a swim to cool off, anyone whose been to centerparcs will know that there are rapids which are so much fun but I came out with loads of bruises after. I had a couple of drinks again and decided to have a healthy steak for dinner.
Obviously after 2 days of non stop exercise I needed a bit of a lie in, so a late start on the Sunday that went very similar to Saturday except we also played table tennis and went on a pedalo around the lake which was so much fun. For dinner I had a prawn caesar salad but without the dressing which was absolutely amazing. We then play bowling, obviously not the most athletic game, but I won!!
Nailed it!
By the Monday when we were going home, I was aching like crazy (and for several days after!). I burnt way more calories than I ate or so it felt anyway. I ended up with a ridiculous amount of bruises and it took several days for me to recover however there was no stopping me and I carried on working out through the pain and it certainly paid off.

For anyone who wants a weekend away and loves being active then you should really consider centerparcs. I’m completely biased anyway as my family and I completely love it there but there’s so much to do and its so much fun!
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